Diary: Jade stays quiet about her past at M&C Saatchi

It's good to see that Maurice and Charles Saatchi haven't lost their ability to charm the hacks on the UK's national press.

It is beginning to look like all they have to do is break wind and it is written up in a national newspaper.

Last week alone saw their agency, M&C Saatchi, getting massive amounts of column inches in The Sunday Times, for winning a small COI brief and another huge write up in The Sunday Telegraph for winning the Jet Airways account.

So us here at the Diary, after having done some digging, have a little story that would be great fodder for the nationals - if we hadn't got there first.

At some time in the distant past a reality television star, who has featured heavily in the limelight recently after making a few controversial comments while in the Celebrity Big Brother house, used to work in the agency's kitchens.

It is probably a fair assumption to make that at some time or other, the whole senior management team of the Soho Square-based agency has eaten food that has been handled by the one and only Jade Goody.

However, after famously flashing her rude bits in Big Brother years ago, we at Diary hope for everyone at the agency's sake that they were never served kebab.