Diary: James joins OMD and gets ready to rebuild a French connection

The nomadic Matt James, until recently the boss at the Naked conflict shop Naked Ambition, has got another job.

But that isn't the biggest surprise. James resurfacing at OMD as the head of its Nissan account across Europe is a bit of a shocker - after all, he left its Manning Gottlieb subsidiary two years ago, declaring himself to be very dissatisfied with the whole media agency scene.

However, James' mentor, the OMD Europe chief executive, Colin Gottlieb (who made James the managing director at Manning Gottlieb aged just 27), has given him another chance and James will be catching the Eurostar out to Paris to work with the main Nissan team.

Our sources suggest that James will be relocating his family to the French capital: fitting, really, given the amount of work he has personally put into preserving the entente cordiale. Because in a previous life, James worked as a draughtsman on the building of the Channel Tunnel. Running Nissan might prove to be a similar sized task.