Diary: Jaume saves shoot with a suitcase full of thongs

Diary knew there was a credit crunch on, but it didn't realise things had got this bad. It seems that production budgets have been cut so drastically that agency chiefs have to export props for shoots.

Unfortunately for Leon Jaume, the executive creative director turned exporter, the props in question were some thongs for a Littlewoods shoot in Brazil.

Clearly Jaume realised there was no way he could deal with a wedgy for the 11-hour flight, so he was forced to chuck his summer wardrobe aside and pack his suitcase full with thongs. The mild-mannered creative was apparently really nervous about his booty, (excuse the pun) being discovered as he approached check-in.

Had his knickers been discovered, Diary wonders if the man who admitted to a passion for "languid sex" in The A List would really embarrass that easily.