Diary: JCDecaux pays tribute to Dunstone's body of work

Jean-Franaois Decaux, the co-chief executive of the outdoor company JCDecaux, was recently invited to party the night away at the home of his West London next-door neighbour, Charles Dunstone.

Decaux decided to lay on a heartfelt tribute to the Carphone Warehouse entrepreneur. He asked his sales director, David McEvoy, to organise a small modification to a nearby poster site located on Kensington Church Street.

McEvoy and his team were presented with the mission of superimposing a picture of Dunstone over the head of George Clooney, whose latest film was promoted by the billboard. Hats off to McEvoy, as he pulled off the challenge and Dunstone's face was in situ for the party.

It's unclear if any of Dunstone's revellers noticed the stunt, but at least the Decaux team managed to resist the urge to reverse Decaux's order and place Clooney's head on Dunstone's body.