DIARY: JCDecaux rival kicks up a stink over gift of new outdoor amenity

High Street Kensington is a busy place at the best of times and busiest outside the bustling Odeon cinema. So the outdoor media giant JCDecaux clearly thought it was doing Londoners a service by erecting a public toilet and bus shelter in front of the building.

However, it seems the company's altruistic sentiment has not been shared by all of the neighbouring Kensington residents.

Indeed, many patrons of the area are furious, and one is apparently writing to the council complaining about the undesirability of this street furniture.

It seems its proximity to a gas main is causing concern. Surely they run underground throughout London? But perhaps this case is an exception.

And the identity of the person leading the charge of protesters? None other than Roger Parry, the chief executive of Clear Channel International, the well-known rival to JCDecaux. What a coincidence.