Diary: Jimmy Carr boobs with Marc Mendoza's girls

Diary hears that Marc Mendoza found the entertainment at his auction in aid of the children's charity Pepper last week rather spicy when the host, Jimmy Carr, got a bit fresh with a couple of gorgeous young ladies in the audience.

After compering the event that raised more than £280,000 for Pepper, a small charity that provides terminally ill children with home nursing, Carr turned his attention to the two attractive blondes in the front row.

So, while industry names, such as Phil Georgiadis of Walker Media, John Teal from the Daily Mail, Lawson Muncaster from City AM and Charles Vallance from VCCP, used their cash to tempt goodies out of Mendoza, Carr used his mic to try to tempt the girls back to his dressing room.

The only problem for Carr was that the pair of lovelies were actually Mendoza's teenage daughters. When Mendoza informed the comedian of this, he promptly gave up the chase.