Diary: Judge passes sentence on Woman Whisperer

There were a few red faces at last week's D&AD as judges passed verdict on an ad for the Australian beer brand Carlton Mid.

The script goes like this. A bloke is in a bar with his wife. She says they're leaving. Enter the Woman Whisperer, who works his spell, allowing the bloke to enjoy another pint and sparing him a nagging.

All the jurors think the ad is a corker. All except one. She thinks it is a crude piece of sexism that ought to be given the elbow. And who was the lone dissenter? None other than Nancy Vonk, the co-chief creative officer of WPP's Ogilvy agency in Toronto. You might remember that it was Vonk who got Neil French, then WPP's worldwide creative director, into hot water when she slammed his comments that women rarely become top creative directors "because they're crap". French was forced to leave his post.

"Blimey," Dave Trott, one of the judges, says. "If we'd realised that, we'd have all shut up."