Diary: Jumping off buildings! Life must be tough at AIS

When your partners' drunken antics mean that they're regularly being featured in Diary, you've got to go some way to top them.

So when the Archibald Ingall Stretton managing partner, Jon Ingall, saw that Stuart Archibald and Steve Stretton were in Campaign once again (this time for gently caressing each other on the Little Italy dancefloor), he did the only discernable thing that he could do.

He jumped off a building. But before you get too concerned, Ingall was safely secured in a harness.

Raising money for Cancer Research UK, Ingall joined around 20 AIS staff members last week, including the creative director, Matt Morley Brown, as they took to the roof of the agency's seven-storey Berners Street building.

And Ingall's meant to be the sensible one of the three.