DIARY: Jungle survival is like working in adland but snakes are friendlier

Now that the ITV ratings winner I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here! has ended, Campaign wonders who in adland most resembles the eight contestants.

Paul Simons, the founder of Passion & Partners, is ... Tony Blackburn

Like the Capital Gold presenter, the smooth-talking, perpetually tanned Simons is not short of words and doesn't shy away from self-publicity.

And, like Blackburn, Simons is now pinning his hopes on a big comeback, making him the ideal comparison to the King of Easy Listening, now King of the Jungle.

Carol Fisher, the former chief executive of COI Communications, is ... Rhona Cameron

Both enjoy being the boss, and their wilful characters can seem excessively pushy to some. Carol the Complainer, the former doyenne of COI, is more than a match for Rhona the Moaner when it comes to pointing out agency shortcomings. Don't ask Fisher when she last saw a half-way decent integrated campaign.

Amy Smith, the managing director of Wieden & Kennedy London, is ... Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

A colourful and well-bred Aussie, Smith has been known to pepper her candid speech with more than the requisite amount of expletives, making her a natural match for TPT. Good-humoured Smith also shares TPT's social skills and knowledge of how to work a room. But don't get on her wrong side - the jungle's a doddle compared to dealing with Smith in feisty fettle.

Nick Lawson, the joint managing director at MediaCom, is ... Nigel Benn

Lawson possesses a simmering intensity similar to the Dark Destroyer's. Like Benn, his aggression is the result of a single-mindedness and will to win. Lawson cares passionately about MediaCom and will put anyone on the canvas if they dare to disagree - but like Nigel he's loyal and protective if you're on his side.

Rooney Carruthers, the co-founder of Vallance Carruthers Coleman Priest, is ... Darren Day

Cited by the press as the ultimate child, Day has shown himself to be attention-seeking and prone to tantrums. And if you ask any of Carruthers' former colleagues, they might well spot the similarities. But despite sharing this and an eye for the pretty ladies, Carruthers' some-time petulant volatility is tempered by a similar boundless enthusiasm.

Christine Walker, the founder of Walker Media, is ... Christine Hamilton

With her forthright views and reputation - at least around some quarters - as a bit of a battle-axe, Walker makes a plausible Christine Hamilton. Her steely determination means that she is fazed by nothing. Much like her namesake, she enjoys nothing more than rolling up her sleeves and getting her hands dirty, particularly when it comes to negotiations.

Although both do not suffer fools gladly, the Christines have an emotional side and can be tremendously good company.

Jani Guest, the managing director of Independent, is ... Nell McAndrew

Picking adland's most popular beauty is no easy task, but Guest fits the bill. And fit is the word, with Guest rivalling McAndrew in a bikini, according to several sources who spent an afternoon poolside with her in Cannes. Add to this her calm humility and she makes a good match with the soft-spoken model.

Richard Hammond, the founder of Spirit, is ... Uri Geller

While Hammond might not have revealed himself to the advertising industry as a spoon-bending psychic, the unswerving self-belief this thick-skinned adlander shares with Geller is evident. And there's also more than a hint of physical similarities between the two.

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