Diary: Just For Christmas' win gives industry new hope

Good news for the industry's retirement investment plans: Just For Christmas, the greyhound owned for and by the industry, has broken its four-month win drought.

The dog, bought by those cheeky Cockneys at Mother for a number of select friends, scored the tenth win of its career at the 9.49pm WOA Trophy Race at Walthamstow last week, ending a Rooney-esque 112-day run of poor performances and restoring the commitment of its co-owners over the past two years.

Shareholders should keep the Champagne on ice for a while yet, though: revised return on investment figures published by the agency have cranked back from the figure of £1,283.42 per share predicted when the hound first donned its jacket to a more modest -£4.36. The difference is apparently owing to an accounting error.

Plans are being made for a shareholders' night out to watch the pooch in action. Although when, exactly, depends on its trainer, Jack Quinlin. Kennel Club sources say he bases his training schedule on moon phases and the birth signs of the 1972 Australian cricket team, so it might be easier to e-mail Mother to find out when the next race is.