Diary: There should be just one sort of 'naked' in adland

The Newcastle advertising and design agency onebestway has been titillating visitors to its website by revealing that it will soon be starring in a television documentary. "We can't tell you more at the moment," it gushes. "But we're told that a few million people will be tuning in."

Sorry chaps, Diary feels duty- bound to expose your dirty little secret. Agency staffers have agreed to shed their inhibitions along with their clothes for The Naked Office.

The Virgin 1 show claims to combine "humour and journalistic vigour" by finding out if hierarchies can be broken down when people conduct their meetings in the nude.

"If you've exposed yourself mentally and physically, any issues just seem to disappear," a Virgin 1 spokeswoman claims.

And, she adds, the idea seems to be working. "The agency is raving about the idea."

Now we're no prudes but we do feel the need to issue a warning about making sure the chairs are cleaned before any clients get to sit on them.