DIARY: JWT japesters serve up a meaty Sausage

Imitation is the strongest form of flattery, the saying goes. Which

is why J. Walter Thompson's in-house magazine, a Whistling Sausage

publication and a spoof of this illustrious organ, is obviously such a

good read.

BBQ Sausage, the latest summer installment, is cut from much the same

irreverent cloth as its predecessors, which have reputedly had the

management spitting chips and calling for the heads of the unknown

japesters responsible for its existence.

And now it's time for Simon Bolton, the agency's new chief executive, to

come in for a bit of a kicking. The Mediocre Correspondent starts out

referring to the "ageing west-coast hippie", but the claws soon come out

for Bolton's creative credentials. "Bolton is clearly trying to

replicate the successes he forged at Smellyfoot, Traffic-Cone and

Bellend," an insider quipped.

"I mean, who can forget their mold-shattering, ground breaking campaigns

for, err ... umm ... oh, you know, err ... thingummy."

"Barrel-chested" Bolton's diminutive stature doesn't escape the scathing

wrath of the writer's pen either.

"The pint-sized chief executive first caught the eye of super-rich WPP

skin-flint Sir Martin Sorrell last year ...

mainly because Bolton was the only one in the room at the time who

actually met Sorrell's eye level," the writer reports gleefully.

Good to see such respect from the minions, eh?