Diary: JWT leads the agency reproduction league

Forget about having a quickie at the office Christmas party, it seems that agencies do, in fact, provide a strong platform for couples to build long-term relationships.

News coming out of DDB this week suggests that there are now an incredible 27 babies that have come into this world as a product of agency staff couplings.

Quite a figure, we think you'll agree. But after a few enquiries, it seems that even DDB's lofty claim can be beaten. Step forward JWT, which can offer 29 children that have been born as a product of relationships formed at the agency.

And in fact, with an extra eight couples at the agency (and we're sure some more that colleagues don't yet know about), don't be surprised to see that figure grow even higher still.

So are there any other agencies out there that can lay claim to even more sets of proud parents?