DIARY: JWT video nasty has Lowe Lintas bubbling for poor little Squeak

The problem with having an extended agency roster is that clients

can inadvertently make an embarrassing faux pas once in a while.

The latest red faces can be found at Nestle Rowntree, which recently

sent one of its agencies a huge Aero mouse suit along with a big bag of

goodies, presumably to say thank you for its good work.

Which would doubtless have been gratefully received by the incumbent,

Lowe Lintas & Partners. But no, instead the package was sent to Lowe's

arch-rival on the Nestle roster, J. Walter Thompson. Oops.

Clearly there was only one way to respond to such a galling case of

mistaken identity. Yes, under the watchful eye of an unidentified group,

the defenceless Aero mouse was tied up, tortured and held to ransom.

Campaign has received a crazed video of said rodent taped to a chair

with a ferocious reptile stabbing its victim. (Er, does anyone do any

work over there?)

The video, together with a ransom note, was sent to Jonathan Rigby,

Lowe's new-business director.

Chillingly, the note stated that JWT is prepared to release its victim

in exchange for the Milky Bar account, which Lowe also holds. We're sure

Lowe is shaking in its boots.