DIARY: JWT's aerial ambition shot down by RAF test

Despite clients often banging that familiar drum of wanting agencies to take a more hands-on approach to their business, it's not often they lay on the Red Arrows to help make it happen.

But this was just one of the sights that greeted J. Walter Thompson when six people from the agency were invited to a day of team building with the RAF.

The intrepid crew, which included the agency's chief executive, Simon Bolton, spent an evening and a day rising to the kind of challenges normally set by the RAF for officer selection.

So, far away from the plush confines of Knightsbridge Green, the JWT boys and girls suddenly found themselves pitted against the RAF home team in a variety of exciting team-building tasks.

According to the crack Knightsbridge team, the hardest part of the day was the fire walk, although it didn't involve having to walk over burning coals.

And there is little immediate danger of the RAF poaching any JWT staff to train as pilots, as the only person who managed a vaguely respectable score on the computer pilot aptitude test - which measured speed of response - was the planner Nick Fenn.

But apart from that, they all fell rather short of the standard required.

"The only area where we were able to match the RAF was in the bar the night before," one of the exhausted toilers said.