DIARY: Karmarama takes on supermarket giant for sake of convenience

In an ad recession, when trade mags are thin, pitches are rare and client spend is an oxymoron, it's important that creatives keep themselves occupied.

We all need a nice little account to work on while we wait for Martin Jones to call, and it's in this spirit that Karmarama has decided to help out the Belmont Mini Market.

The agency's local corner shop hit a spot of bother when a lovely, shiny new Sainsbury's Local recently opened on neighbouring Chalk Farm road.

"The three Sri Lankans who run the mini market are so pleasant and happy and they put up with so much shit from the local estate kids that we thought we'd take it upon ourselves to help them," Karmarama's chief bleeding heart, Naresh Ramchandani, explained.

"We thought, rather than knock Sainsbury's (we can't - it's better in every way), we'd just remind people that the mini market's there and hope to charm them into coming in every now and then."

The agency set to work on a quaint little campaign featuring straplines such as: "Sainsbury never run out of milk like we do, but please do not be forgetting us."

The mini market's plea will be delivered via flyposters, letters to local residents, a placard man on the street corner outside Sainsbury's and stickers, to be stuck on Sainsbury's products.

In true Saatchi & Saatchi style, Karmarama is rumoured to be considering entering the campaign for next year's Cannes Festival.

However, the Sri Lankans have warned the agency that if the campaign isn't successful, they will be reviewing. This will be music to the ears of Bates, who are keen for a nice piece of retail business to replace the Woolworths account.