Diary: Karmarama's spying on staff taken to new levels

We've all been there. It's first thing on a Monday morning, you get to the kitchen in the office to make yourself a cup of tea, but someone's either stolen your milk, or a mucky pup has left their dirty dishes in the sink, effectively ruining your day.

Well, one agency has taken these matters of culinary kleptomania and general messiness very seriously indeed.

Karmarama has installed a CCTV camera in its kitchen, nicknamed "KCCTV", to keep an eye on the main kitchen offenders.

With vigilante blood running through the veins of the agency (the creative partner, Dave Buonaguidi, has a lot to answer for), it's no surprise that staff are being encouraged to keep a keen eye on the camera footage and report the culprits of any gastronomic crimes.

And their punishment? Well, according to the Karmarama blog, they will be forced to come over to the victim's house and cook them dinner every night for the rest of their lives. Harsh, but fair.