Diary: Kershaw drops a king's ransom on Arse throne

David Kershaw has bought a chair. But before you ask why Diary is bothering to bring you this news, you need to know that this isn't any old chair. No indeed. For it has been warmed by some of the most famous behinds in English footballing history.

Not that the arse of the M&C Saatchi founding partner will be doing likewise. Because the chair in question, which is covered in red leather and embossed with the Arsenal FC crest, adorned the old Highbury boardroom from the 30s until earlier this year.

Kershaw, a life-long Gooner, forked out £3,000 for it in a fiercely contested auction of Highbury treasures staged by the club before its recent move to the flash new Emirates Stadium.

"I keep it in the bedroom but I'm never going to sit on it," Kershaw promises. "It just gives me a wave of pleasure every time I wake up. My wife thinks this is all a bit strange." We think so too, Mrs K.

Alas for her, this is not the end of Kershaw's expensive fascination for the Gunners. He is also installing a 60-inch plasma screen in the house he is building so he can watch the games. This, though, will not be costing as much as the chair, thanks to a little discount from Currys, a long-time M&C Saatchi client.