Diary: Kershaw still waits for Ronnie to paint it black, or any colour

Everybody knows a Rolling Stone gathers no moss. But as David Kershaw has found to his cost, they're not much good at keeping promises either.

Lifelong Gooner Kershaw, the M&C Saatchi chief executive, shelled out £16,000 at a charity auction a year ago to have the Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger sit for a portrait to be painted by Ronnie Wood.

The idea was that Kershaw would not only be present at the sitting, but would get to keep the painting too.

Happily TreeHouse, the autism charity founded by the Fever Pitch author Nick Hornby, has banked Kershaw's cheque. Kershaw, however, like many a frustrated suit before him, is still waiting for the artwork.

Not surprising, perhaps, since Wood has been leading a somewhat turbulent personal life of late.

As most tabloid newspaper readers will know, Wood chose to leave his wife Jo to live with Russian cocktail waitress Ekaterina Ivanova last summer. Naturally, Mrs W isn't best pleased and there's talk of divorce. So getting his brushes out appears to have been the last thing on Wood's mind.

Kershaw, currently coping with the disappointment of losing last Saturday's FA Cup semi-final to Chelsea, is philosophical about it all.

"I'm very happy TreeHouse has got my money and Arsenal, to be fair, have done their best," he sighs. "However, Ronnie clearly has other priorities."