Diary: Kirk aims to get adland fit with dietary thinking

The nutritionist and author Fiona Kirk is on a mission to make advertising fitter, leaner and meaner.

Starting with one undisclosed (and deeply unlucky) "big" agency, Kirk will be holding group talks to teach agency folk how to drive creativity and beat stress by eating certain foods, as part of its staff development programme.

As you might imagine, boozy lunches and nights out on the town are off the menu in favour of a host of healthy eating tips. Here are four of the least depressing.

1. Keep on top of your workload by eating small and often (every two to three hours) to maintain a steady flow of nutrients to the brain.

2. Keep your metabolism "firing on all cylinders" by eating foods rich in the B vitamins (whole grains, green vegetables, fish and eggs).

3. Watch your intake of coffee, tea, alcohol and fizzy drinks and drink a large glass of water every couple of hours.

4. Think zinc for sharp thinking and boosting your immune system with oysters, lean meat, fish, beans, eggs, nuts and seeds. Does The Ivy do zinc?