DIARY: Kirkman of Carat goes all girly to snatch cash

Who says the ad industry doesn't give anything back to the community?

Marketers have hearts of gold, and what's more, many of them do some great work for charity (although they don't like to talk about it).

Take Comic Relief, for example. We have it on good authority that not only did many advertisers do the decent thing and actually watch it, but some raised some money for it too.

And here's the proof. Carat's Tim Kirkman was so moved by the plight of the poor and malnourished of the world that he decided to get his legs waxed for the charity. Tim, we salute you, and we can't wait to see you in a skirt.

Here we see a sadistic young lady overseeing the depilation, much to Kirkman's obvious discomfort. Apparently, shortly after this picture was taken, she moved on to his bikini line.