DIARY: Kylie makes life hard for men with Agent ad

It's a tough life when your day at the office consists of a shoot

with a semi-clad Kylie Minogue.

And cdp-travissully's outgoing executive creative directors, Mick

Mahoney and Andy Amadeo, had nothing but praise when she writhed her way

through a gruelling routine on top of a velvet bucking bronco for their

Agent Provocateur cinema ad. "She came up with lots of ideas," they

crooned. Tough one, that brief.

Still, praise also came from the ad's director, Steve Reeves. After all

the men had crowded in unnecessarily close to record her moans, Reeves

uttered: "Well, I'm 'appy." We bet you were.

Ever the pro, Minogue "got stuck in even though she was tired." As the

shoot went on for 12 hours, we're not surprised. But were the hours all

strictly necessary?