DIARY: Lace gives his verdict for Lucozade Sport to M&C Saatchi's Hurrell

He's a cheeky one is that Garry Lace. The moment he took the helm at Grey Worldwide, those in the know were predicting the agency's new-business strategy would become decidedly more unorthodox. They were right.

Regular Campaign readers will be aware, if they've been paying due attention, that Glaxo- SmithKline recently reviewed its Lucozade Sport account. Grey may have failed to make the official pitchlist, but Mr Lace wasn't going to let a little detail like that stop him going after the business. As GSK is a Grey client, Lace decided he would chance his arm, and set about cooking up a pilot ad for the brand.

Although the ad was looked at it was to no avail, as M&C Saatchi emerged victorious with the business in its pocket. However, the ad didn't go to waste. For reasons known only to himself, the Nutritionals Glaxo- SmithKline marketing director, Peter Harding, requested Lace send the commercial to the M&C Saatchi supremo Nick Hurrell.

Lace duly obliged, and enclosed the following little note for good measure.

"Dear Nick,

"Given that you run one of the world's very best advertising agencies and I don't, it feels a bit cheeky even writing to you like this. However, enclosed is a small gift, which Peter Harding asked me to send over.

"In my desperation to secure one of the world's leading brands recently, we took the liberty of shooting a small commercial. Having shown it to Peter this week, I asked him why he wanted me to send it to you. As he was walking out, I heard him say: 'It'll help me enormously if the other lot can't ... 'I didn't manage to hear the rest of the sentence so I'm still a bit bemused. Anyway, he is a client so I've just done what he asked.

I hope all's well.

"Garry Lace."

You don't have to be a genius to work out the subtle implications of Garry's little note. M&C had better do the business for Lucozade Sport, as it'll have the creative powerhouse Grey breathing down its neck the whole time. Maurice and Charles must lie awake at the thought.