DIARY: Lace leads bidding at the Nabs Brain Game

It may no longer be covered live on television. Nor is it attended by huge client companies. It has even lost its black-tie dress code. But the Nabs Brain Game is still one of the most enjoyable events in adland's calendar.

In fact, the lack of formality has made it more fun than ever. Last week's event, which raised £16,000 for Nabs, was compered by Grey's Garry Lace.

The combination of his witty repartee and his fat wallet got things off to a good start. He made Grey begin the competition on minus five points. This year, you could buy a point for £200, so he dug deepish and produced £1,000 for the charity.

The mood was good and not tempered by the discovery made mid-competition by both Grey and Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners that they had been unsuccessful in the pitch for Intelligent Finance - au contraire, DLKW's Tom Knox felt moved to buy a week's golfing in La Manga for £3,500.

There was a nail-biting tie-breaker between Grey and Initiative at the end. Nail-biting for Lace, that is, who feared that a Grey win would look like a Lace stitch-up (he was still the Nabs chairman at the time, after all). Luckily for him, Initiative pulled through and emerged the winner.