Diary: Lace starts a blog war with Skype's incumbent

There's no doubting that Campbell Lace Beta's new blog has been a riveting read so far but, in the main, it has been relatively controversy-free. Until now, that is.

In a worthy last-ditch attempt to make it on to the Skype pitchlist, Garry Lace posted a lengthy column praising the Skype product.

All well and good, but one line in the eulogy, bemoaning the lack of exposure that the product has received, was challenged by Albion, Skype's incumbent for the past five years. "Wrong!" the agency cried, and proceeded to flood the blogs with reasons why. It seemed that Campbell Lace Beta may have finally found a rival, and the sense of anticipation for its next blog post was almost too much.

So what was the theme of the next post? An apology to Albion for getting off on the wrong foot. Come on guys, do we all have to be nice?