Diary: Lace warms up for charm offensive with Lowe staff

Whatever else Garry Lace may have lost during his ten-month exile from adland, the cheeky chappie's persuasive charms seem not to have deserted him.

Daniel entering the lions' den must have seemed like a stroll in the park in comparison to Lace's arrival in the Lowe London bar on Friday evening.

The agency's new chief executive was there to soothe growling agency staff, some of whom were not exactly rushing to roll out the welcome mat.

However, it seems to have gone rather well in the end.

According to the Diary's Sloane Avenue spies, it's not Lace who Lowe's long-suffering staff would like to shake warmly by the throat, but Tony Wright, the worldwide president, for causing the uproar in the first place.

Facing 150 Lowe staffers, Lace grabbed the bull by the horns. Yes, he admitted, his priority was to do something about the agency's dismal pitching record. No, he wouldn't be repeating the kind of staff cull he carried out at Grey London, where a fifth of the workforce was chopped. And as for that abortive bid to buy Air Miles, well, it was just an opportunity that did not work out.

"Lace seemed quite humble," one mollified staffer observes. Seems like Lace has learned some lessons during his year in advertising purgatory.