DIARY: Law's labours lost as St Luke's ditches love for boardroom battle

Advertising can be a nasty business. What's more, it looks as though the good folk at St Luke's have finally realised it. Things appear to be getting a bit tense at the agency where mutual love and respect is incorporated into staff contracts.

Internal meetings throughout adland often result in blood being spilled.

Not at St Luke's. The carpet is more likely to be covered with daisy chains and joss stick ash following one of their meetings, during which it is usually concluded that St Luke's is the best place in the world to work.

So it came as a shock to everyone when an internal meeting two weeks ago turned into a very ugly event. Mud was slung, plates were smashed, hair was pulled and arses kicked. At the root of it all, the agency's managing directors, Neil Henderson and Phil Teer, were fighting their corner against none other than the agency's founder and chief love-each-other guru, Andy Law.

Sadly, we can't reveal what the fight was about. There were reports that it was over which kind of breakfast cereal the canteen should serve, but it subsequently emerged that these discussions took place at an earlier meeting which concluded that a peaceful all-staff referendum was the action required.

With all the niceties thrown out the window, the two factions at the agency are doing all they can to get their own way. Heed the wisdom of Johnny Rotten: "Never trust a hippy."