Diary: Did Leagas Delaney seek inspiration for Stannah?

As we move into the coldest month of the year, and the prospect of snowfall by the end of the week, Diary is trying to raise the temperature and stoke some flames of controversy by pointing out some similarities in recently released poster advertising.

We would like to know if anybody else out there in adland thinks that Leagas Delaney's latest work for Stannah Stairlifts - despite being quite good - looks rather similar to Fallon's award-winning work for Tate Britain.

Now, the homage versus plagiarism debate is a perennial one - and we all know that "there's no such thing as an original idea", but adland enjoys nothing more than a debate on who got there first. Well here you go: check out the two fonts, very similar indeed. And as for the colour palette and the acres of white space.

It may also be worth the creative teams over at Grey having a look at the executions, as they also vaguely resemble the agency's work for AOL. Discuss.