DIARY: Leisurely stroll almost leaves Johnny Hornby red-faced and sweaty

Anyone who is thinking of taking advantage of the summer to stroll to important meetings, take heed of the salutary experience of Clemmow Hornby Inge's Johnny Hornby.

Hornby and pals recently sauntered off to a senior client meeting to give a presentation but, in a marvellous show of ineptitude, the intrepid pedestrians hadn't checked the A-Z and realised they were nowhere near the meeting place and running dangerously out of time.

Cue widespread panic among the flustered team. But just at that moment, who should Hornby spot out of the corner of his eye but an old acquaintance of his, the TBWA/London chauffeur, Tony, parked outside The Connaught, waiting for Garry Lace.

Without a moment's thought, Hornby hopped inside. "Come on Tony, we've only got five minutes,

Hornby cried, to which the driver's surprised response was: "But I'm waiting for Garry.

"Sod Garry,

Hornby responded spiritedly and, after some gentle persuasion, off they charged to make the meeting on time.

When Hornby emerged from his meeting, what should he find but a message from Lace on his mobile. "I hope when you sell that little tin-pot agency of yours you'll be reimbursing me for trying to make yourself look good by taking my car for your clients,

Hornby recounts gleefully. Such cheek.