Diary: Leo Burnett offers Banks a 'flag of convenience'

IPA members were a tad confused, as indeed was the Diary, by the latest list of IPA-elected officers, which shows John Banks as an employee of Leo Burnett.

Surely it was around this time last year that we were all raising a glass of bubbly at Claridge's to mark not only Banks' 60th birthday, but his departure as FCB London's chairman and chief executive?

How was it possible for him to slip unnoticed into Burnett? Surely his new agency might have wanted to bang the drum about the return of its one-time staffer?

Well Banks was set to start his third term as IPA secretary when somebody pointed out the rule stating that you cannot take on an elected role at the IPA unless you work for a member agency.

Step forward Bruce Haines, the Burnett group chief executive and IPA council member, to offer a "flag of convenience", which allows Banks to join Burnett without either pay or title.

Which may explain his absence from the agency's Kensington home.