Diary: Levy becomes newest heart-throb at Cannes

How does Maurice Levy do it? No, not manage to find the time to get his hair so perfect, while also running the world's third-biggest advertising network, but elicit such excitement from certain females?

Speaking at this year's Mipcom international TV conference, Levy got up to the lectern while an audible buzz of excitement rippled among some of the audience.

After delivering his speech on the future of TV advertising, Levy opened up the floor to questions.

There were no questions about Levy's plans for Publicis Groupe or even what he thought of the current commercial TV model. Instead one young French lady, sat at the back of the auditorium, shot up her hand, grabbed the microphone, and into the darkness giggled nervously: "I think you're super-cool." Perhaps it's the coiffure that does it.