Diary: Lewis-Barclay stages a fairytale comeback

After two decades away from the limelight, Hooper Galton's Oliver Lewis-Barclay succumbed to the smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd once more.

Having spent a few fruitful years in the Cambridge Footlights in his younger days, and "at least 50 Nando's radio script presentations", it was a sure thing that Lewis-Barclay would nail the role of Lord Chamberlain Fusspot in the sleepy village of Forest Row's production of Sleeping Beauty.

The strategic director went down a storm, prancing about the place and rounding off the show with a rousing finale of Abba's Money, Money, Money that drew a mix of cheers - and shocked faces, especially among his colleagues who had been bussed down to the show.

Other esteemed cast members included the daughter of the wine-connoisseur Jilly Goolden, who also took a leading hand.

There is, Hooper Galton insists, plenty more talent where this came from. The co-partner Martin Galton, when not busy at the agency, can be found painting or reciting poetry to bohemian punters on the smoky floors of various Soho pubs.

For now, though, Lewis-Barclay, emboldened by his star turn, has his sights set on bigger things. "The lights beyond the village await," he says. By the looks of the photo, might Diary humbly suggest a stint in Cabaret.