DIARY: Listen very carefully, I will say zis only once ..

It's not often you hear J. Walter Thompson's Allen Thomas

describing an unsung hero of the agency as a "legend". Doubtless the

lady in question, a certain Daniele Ferreyrol, will be even more


Ferreyrol, who is leaving the agency after nearly 30 years, endeared

herself to colleagues through her rather unique and sporadic command of

the English language - which, according to Thomas, has become

progressively worse with each year.

"Only last week she told me someone had given her 'a complete cotton

wool story', so she told him to 'keep his knees to the grindstone'," he


You might wonder how a shred of constructive work could come out of

someone with such bizarre rhetoric, but those Gallic charms always shone


It seems she will be sorely missed.