Diary: Looks like even adland has tightened its belt

Anyone who finds themselves having a moan about how the industry has changed for the worse since the heady days of the 80s should thank their lucky stars they're not Mark Hunter, the new executive creative director at Euro RSCG London, or Robert Harwood-Matthews, the chief executive of BDH\TBWA.

Upon entering his fourth week at the agency, Hunter found himself travelling up the country for a meeting that meant he would have to stay overnight in the "quaint" Northern town of Hull.

Anyone who has been to Hull will attest that it isn't the liveliest of places, so you'd think the agency would at least lash out on a nice hotel for its new star employee.

No such luck. Hunter found himself installed in the £34-per-night Stop Inn Hotel in downtown Hull.

But even Hunter must feel better about himself upon hearing of Harwood-Matthews' plight.

On a recent trip to London, he ended up dealing with the indignity of staying in a Travelodge outside the city and spending the evening eating by himself and reading a book in a local pub. On top of that, he had to deal with the fact his agency's PR manager, Liz Dewhurst, had put herself up in My Hotel in Soho and, while he was engrossed in his solitary pursuits, she was banging back cocktails in Momo.