DIARY: Lost your clothes and inhibitions? Go get a job at Duckworth Finn

Diary was all ears last week when it heard the kind of X-rated

gossip steamy enough to make Peter Stringfellow's barnet go flat. But it

has been nigh on impossible to pin down the details as the agency

involved backtracked like mad in a vain attempt to keep their name out

of the muck.

But, hey, this is the heart of investigative sleazemongering, and our

tale begins with an agency keen to make its mark on key family accounts,

such as the BBC and Buena Vista. Yep - step forward Duckworth Finn

Grubby Waters.

Michelle Dowsett apparently looked such a demure creature when she came

to work as a temporary secretary. She was hired to keep the creative

department at the agency running smoothly, and by all accounts did a

marvellous job.

They were all thrilled to bits with her smiling, happy disposition, and,

of course, her ample physical attributes. In fact, Diary's source claims

an orderly queuing system was developed to allow maximum viewing


Little did those slavering creatives realise that they had the real

McCoy on their hands. Lovely Michelle only stayed a few weeks before she

went on to 'bigger and better' things. It was only when someone nipped

out to renew the agency's subscription to the lads' magazine Front that

Michelle's own front was, er, blown.

This was not the stuff of fantasies this was the real thing! There she

was, in all her glory. 'She's the one doing naughty things to herself on

page 49,' was all Diary's source would squeal.

Well chaps, you're not off the hook yet. Because we understand it's not

the first time that the agency has fostered such talent within its Soho

office. 'We had one lass here who was a wannabe porn star,' Diary's

source confided. 'She even had her own website. Now that really brought

the entire agency to a standstill.'