Diary: We all loved 'St Wayne'. Except Coleen, it seems

Proving themselves never ones to miss a good PR opportunity, Wieden & Kennedy leapt into action when Wayne Rooney's fiancee, Coleen McLoughlin, and a film crew were spotted opposite its Hanbury Street base.

The WAG was filming her new TV show, Coleen's Real Women, in which she wanders around London offering women the chance to be models.

Wasting no time, agency staff unfurled a massive "St Wayne" banner from the roof in a bid to get her and her film crew's attention.

However, Diary hears that McLoughlin kept her eyes averted and promptly scurried off down the street. Also, word has it that W&K's cunning failed to impress the British tabloid press, with both The Sun and the Daily Mirror turning down the story.