DIARY: Lowe and Leo Burnett creatives pucker up and strip at Kinsale

Something strange happens to those who convince their bosses that a

trip to Kinsale would be an enlightening work trip, and not at all a

four-day beer-fest inciting mass amnesia within Soho.

That wholesome Irish air never fails to convince someone that "going

commando" at some stage is a good idea. Last year it was the then Lowe

Lintas executive creative director, Charles Inge, on a golf course. This

year, the nudist was the Lowe creative Don Barclay, who shed his ladies'

pants and lost his shoes, after claiming the twisting lane past The

Spaniard pub was "haunted".

One poor lassie from Spectre, having veered into a wall after a few too

many Slippery Nipples, woke to find herself tucked up in a strange bed

with a big ... bump on her head. She'd been rescued by a local granny,

who released her back into the wild after a hearty breakfast. Ahh.

But altogether more ludicrous were the antics of Camp Leo Burnett when

the creative Paul Miles became embroiled in a bet involving a set of

false teeth, £10,000 and the Irish rocker Hazel O'Connor.

A fellow drinking companion bet Miles he wouldn't have the nerve to snog

O'Connor, famous for an album called Breaking Glass, while wearing the

teeth - the kind of brown, festering gnashers even Ken Dodd would be

ashamed of.

Miles knuckled down, wooing O'Connor by showering the stage with root

vegetables and heckling loudly - irresistible. Once down among the

masses, Miles moved in for the kill, planting a tongue sarnie - teeth

and all - on the poor woman's lips.

Miles has met the bet halfway and is £5,000 richer. He might have

other things on his mind, though, after his balls took a pasting during

a gruelling cross-country ride the next day.