Diary: M&B's big ideas already having impact

Michaelides & Bednash's move into the Mindshare fold has been going so well, the new recruits seem like part of the furniture. Almost.

There's one very important piece of M&B's old furnishings that cannot be accommodated by the WPP agency. The famous 70-foot-long table, around which all the joined-at-the-hip M&B staffers sat every day, is just too ginormous to get into Mindshare's Strand offices.

Parting company with it will be tough for M&B's founders, Graham Bednash and George Michaelides, and their staff. The table was more than just a work bench. It symbolised teamwork and unrestricted creative flow at an agency built on dumping stuffy old industry norms such as formal meetings.

But all is not lost. Mindshare is planning to design a better and, yes, even bigger table so the old M&B magic can be recreated. The table will be parked on the top floor of the Mindshare building and is part of a trendy redesign of M&B's new workspace.

But not everyone will be happy. A few Mindshare staff currently on that floor may have to move elsewhere in the building to make way for the high-maintenance new kids on the block.