Diary: M&C's Duffy becomes a bank manager for a day

Last week, M&C Saatchi's Tim Duffy discovered there is nothing quite like a seemingly innocuous question from a sweet old lady to force you into re-evaluating your career ... or even your wardrobe.

The good-natured chief executive found himself standing in line at his local bank, suited and booted following a client meeting.

While lurking in his local branch, he bumped into a fellow adlander and the pair started to chat.

However, as the pair were talking, a lady came and stood next to them and started to wait patiently.

As the conversation drew to a close, Duffy's friend moved away leaving just himself and the lady standing there.

She used the break in conversation to approach Duffy and ask him where she could deposit her money, in the mistaken view that he was the bank's manager.

It must be satisfying for M&C's management to know that the financial security of the business is resting in such smartly attired and dependable hands.