DIARY: M&C's mystery man is given a chance to shine (Dicketts' car)

Think of the top cats at M&C Saatchi and all the usual suspects

spring to mind - Bill Muirhead, Simon Dicketts, Moray MacLennan, Nick

Hurrell and, of course, the eminent brothers Mo and Chaz themselves.

Indeed, there is such a bevy of cooks in this particular kitchen that

there's just no room for small fry such as Richard Alford, none other

than the comparatively lowly deputy managing director.

Alford, the mystery man, has reportedly been the butt of many agency

jokes about his recent ascendancy to such dazzlingly lofty heights.

Indeed, it appears our man is best known (see past Diary stories) for

his bad taste in shirts. Not really something to write home about - just

ask Stephen Carter, formerly of J. Walter Thompson, with his

mind-bogglingly hideous collection of tank tops.

But now puzzled punters asking in bewilderment "Alford who?" can sleep

easy as we exclusively reveal just what the hell it is he does for a


For who should be out washing cars in Golden Square but this

(un)familiar man himself. Yes, in full view of M&C's employees, poor

Alford was spotted in the lowly task of giving a dirty motor a good buff

and shine. His humiliation was completed by a pair of unattractive

overalls that - horror! - covered up his coveted threads.

Alford's penance had come after MacLennan auctioned him off as a slave

in a recent NABS charity event. As if that wasn't bad enough, who should

be the one to part with their cash for his services but none other than

a certain Mr Dicketts, now the owner of a gleamingly clean car.

Clearly money isn't an issue for Hurrell, though, who we hear is eagerly

awaiting a new toy. Yes, Hurrell has ordered a new Ferrari 360 Modena

(starting price: £103,068). Blue, to match his boss, Muirhead's.