Diary: MacLennan ducks into a wicked Hoggard delivery

Not many people get to tell the M&C Saatchi global chief and former IPA president Moray MacLennan what to do - but the usual rules don't tend to apply to England bowling heroes.

At Lord's last week, M&C made use of the RBS box to entertain a few clients and agency friends.

As a special treat, Michael Vaughan, who captained England to their historic Ashes triumph in 2005, and Matthew "Hoggie" Hoggard, one of the bowlers in that team, joined them for lunch.

After the notoriously booze-loving Hoggie had been waiting for a few minutes for his drink, he began bemoaning the slow service.

MacLennan, ever the account man, tried to smooth things over by saying: "Well, I'm hosting the bar, so, technically, it's my fault." To which Hoggard replied: "Well, you'd better pull your socks up then, hadn't you, cock?" (By the way, Hoggard is a Yorkshireman.)