Diary: MacLennan's IPA life is not all black and blue

The memories were brought flooding back for Moray MacLennan (pictured) last week, at a reception to mark his imminent departure as the IPA president. Diary isn't sure, though, whether all of them will be pleasant ones.

To mark the occasion, the IPA staff presented the M&C Saatchi Worldwide chief executive with a volume of his press coverage while in office.

And bang up to date it was too, even including his speech to the ISBA conference, which won him a case of Champagne for including the words "fuck" and "bollocks".

What's more, the IPA toilers were eager to remind their soon-to-be ex-leader of a few more painful episodes.

Including the time he turned up for the 2007 IPA Effectiveness Awards sporting a spectacular black eye. Some suggested it might be the result of the kick-boxing he took up after quitting his 30-a-day smoking habit. Hmm.

Will MacLennan's successor, Tim Duffy, prove such media fodder. Diary fears not, but M&C staff appear curiously relieved.