Diary: Mad Men put to music in hilarious viral

Diary isn't quite sure what Don McLean would make of his 1971 song commemorating Buddy Holly's death being hijacked to give the US media scene a satirical poke in the eye. We're still too busy laughing.

Mad Avenue Blues, which has just made its YouTube debut, is a mile-a-minute send-up of the tumultuous times that the Mad Men and their clients have been enduring these past few years and how the migration to digital has spoiled all the fun.

And all of it set to a new version of American Pie. Diary can't recommend it more highly - although you'll need to watch it several times to catch all the jokes.

The viral purports to be the work of one L.McDuff. This turns out to be the nom de plume for - of all people - a GCA Savvian investment banker called Terry Kawaja who claims to have written the whole thing in a day. "I did this so I could answer those who respond to my video projects with the knee-jerk 'you've obviously got too much time on your hands'," he says. As if we would. The gags come thick and fast with Sir Martin Sorrell, Publicis and Omnicom all turned into the butt of Kawaja's humour.

This is how the chorus goes:

"Bye Bye those big upfront buys,

Pitched my client who was pliant but the pitch didn't fly,

And old ad boys were drinking martinis dry, saying 'tech' has taken us for a ride,

Algorithms got me cross-eyed."