Diary: Magnet's move brings to mind old-school adman

News that Magnet is considering moving its £9 million creative account after 16 years at McCann Erickson Manchester has caused Diary to cast its memory back to a very different time.

In the mid-80s, the then Magnet & Southerns was a serial philanderer.

Managed by bluff, no-nonsense Yorkshiremen suspicious of dilettante agencies, Magnet was a client from hell.

Legend has it the advertising problem was eventually entrusted to a young director to sort out. He decided to take a crash course by reading Ogilvy On Advertising. So overwhelmed was he by David Ogilvy's wise words, he took himself off to Ogilvy's French chateau to beg the guru to take on the business. Ogilvy, then 75, is said to have politely declined but did manage to steer it to O&M Direct.

Perhaps someone should remind Magnet Frank Lowe has retired.

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