DIARY: Malcolm Moore loses street credibility due to limp press release

The world of rock is replete with mis-spellings. In fact, it is a prerequisite these days. For a start, you should call it Rawk! (while gesturing with fingers raised, a little tip there from those who are 'down with the kids').

We have N-Sync, 5ive, Linkin Park, MN8, INXS, XTC, NOFX, the Quire Boys and, of course, Led Zeppelin. Rawk!!

The agency that was going to navigate its way through this semantic minefield for supercool client MTV UK would surely have to have done its homework to beat off competition from the likes of Soul and Saatchi & Saatchi - they would have to know what they were talking about and get inside the minds of the kids, no less.

Cue the hip and with-it folks at Malcolm Moore Deakin Blazye. In response to the news that it had won the high-profile account, the agency proudly proclaimed: 'Guess we must be the agency who best understands that Limp Biscuit isn't a soggy digestive.' Oh dear. Nice try, but it's Limp Bizkit.