DIARY: Manning moonlights as a real barrow boy

We know media agency bosses will stop at nothing to turn a profit, but Manning Gottlieb OMD's Nick Manning has truly got the entrepreneurial bug.

Trying to track him down on a summer afternoon can be a tricky business as he occasionally does a bit of moonlighting as a fruit-and-veg barrow boy.

Seeking his comment on a vital industry issue, Campaign reached Manning on his mobile late on a Friday afternoon, only to be told that it would have to wait until Monday. The reason? A top-level client strategy meeting, perhaps? An OMD board meeting? A pitch? Not a bit of it.

Manning was actually donning his overalls for a stint behind the till at his brother's West Country farm shop. He was so rushed off his feet selling produce to the locals, he had no time to talk.

You've got to admire his energy.