Diary: Marc Nohr displays a star quality following Thompson's no show

While the Cold Feet star and funny man John Thompson's reputation for having a somewhat unruly lifestyle has given the tabloids plenty of column inches, his failure to turn up for the recording of a radio ad because he was still in bed at 3pm turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the integrated agency Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw.

While waiting for Thompson to haul himself out of his hotel room and get down to the recording studio, the copywriter James Vigar remembered that his managing director, Marc Nohr, was a one-time child actor.

Nohr stepped into the breach, recording some guide tracks so Thompson's voice could be dropped in over the top when he eventually turned up.

However, Nohr displayed such talent in the three executions for Virgin Holidays' Caribbean holidays, that when Thompson's agent called to say the actor was still waiting for a cab at 4.45pm, Vigar had the great satisfaction of telling him that his services were no longer required.