DIARY: Marketing executives can only name three shops, survey shows

Calling all agencies. Do you ever get the feeling that you're not

creating any real awareness within the client community? Worried that

all those meticulously planned mailouts and lavish gestures masking a

thinly veiled bid to rise above the din aren't creating quite the

desired effect? Well, according to new research from Mother, it seems

all those hours of blood, sweat and tears spilled to achieve this aim

might, in fact, have been better spent down the pub following the

surprising results that the agency is unravelling.

Mother is in the midst of engineering an in-depth survey of top

marketing bods, and the rather shocking statistic that's emerging is

that more than 75 per cent of those clients asked can name fewer than,

ahem, three agencies.

So far the usual suspects such as Saatchi & Saatchi, BMP DDB and TBWA/

London are the only stalwarts to make any impact on marketers across the

food, drink, telecoms and fashion sectors, who have often only worked

with one or two agencies. And if you belong to one of the lesser-known

outfits, you might as well consider that alternative career as a circus

flame thrower because the research is proving that clients have anything

but your agency awareness on their minds. With recall this low, they're

probably more able to name the outgoing opposition leader of the rebel

republic in Outer Mongolia.

So those earnest marketing tables suggesting otherwise should probably

take note.

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