Diary: Marshall's mule brings a Campaign writer to mind

It seems Jim Marshall, the Starcom Group chairman, has added to his family. Chez Marshall, called The Shambles, apparently, has taken delivery of a donkey named Al.

We'd like to think Marshall has named the mule after the esteemed Campaign media writer Alasdair Reid, whose name is weekly associated with the words "donkey" and "shambles" at Campaign towers.

But while this is unlikely, one lucky visitor to Marshall's Kent home says that despite having an acre of garden, Al is prone to poking his head through the back door and even coming into the house. Let's just hope Al doesn't worry Marshall's neighbours unduly. The media man's previous exploits include building a mini-race track in his garden for his children to hurtle around on motorbikes. At this rate, they might think the "lottery lout", Michael Carroll, has moved in.