DIARY: Martians creator on TV at Xmas with Hamilton

Think animation and the famous Smash Martians, the Cresta Bear, the

Honey Monster and the Hovis family doubtless jump to mind.

And the man behind all of them, none other than BMP DDB's own John

Webster, has done it again. Yes, the self-deprecating executive creative

director has secured a Christmas Day screening slot for the first time

ever on BBC 1.

No mean feat. Webster's half-hour claymation special, Hamilton Mattress,

has even knocked the loveable Wallace and Gromit from their Christmas TV


The programme is based on an illustrated children's book by Webster, and

features a down-trodden aardvark who meets a showbiz caterpillar.

Certainly sounds better than a rerun of The Wrong Trousers to us.